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CelesteCare – Smarter Solutions for Senior Care

CelesteCare – Smarter Solutions for Senior Care

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A Different Approach. A Better Experience.

CelesteCare is a family of premium, senior-care facilities located throughout central Texas. We offer a fresh, innovative approach to assisted living and licensed memory care. Best of all, we help seniors feel at home and give their families peace of mind.

CelesteCare is different. And we think you’ll really appreciate the special touches that set us apart.


Is it Dementia?

For anyone over the age of 50, you know that the last time your misplaced your keys, or you forgot your sister’s birthday, you immediately thought ‘I have Alzheimer’s’.

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The Power of Touch

Whether we are a newborn infant, a petulant teenager, a overwhelmed new mother or a aging senior citizen, the power of touch is can produce miraculous results.

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Tornado Season is Upon Us

It’s getting to be that time of year again. The jonquils are blooming, the Easter candy is in the stores and the baby geese are beginning to hatch along the lake shore.

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