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Benefits of Assisted Living – When Fears About Health Changes Begin To Happen

It is happening. As a child of a parent or as a spouse of a loved one, you are starting to see signs of aging.  You may notice some or several changes, including:

  • Health issues starting to escalate
  • More social withdrawal
  • Weight loss
  • Cognition issues
  • Bill paying forgetfulness
  • Poor nutrition
  • Hygiene deterioration
  • Driving is no longer safe

These changes in a loved one cause beginning-level fears, not only to the person experiencing them but also to the loved one who is watching it happen.  The questions become, “What do I do to help? Where do I go for help? When should I make a transition?”

At first, we may think some of the minor issues are manageable.  However, the first notice of changes is when one must start asking questions or be more observant about what else may be starting to get missed in a loved one’s activities of daily living. Most people feel they can manage at home, but before you know it, fear starts to become apparent, and you become unsure of how you will navigate the increasing changes with your loved one. Sometimes it becomes a crisis situation rather than a proactive measure to address.

Most Assisted Livings offer a respite stay as a “test drive” to see how a loved one and the family will adapt to a new living environment. All of the items of concern are addressed during a respite stay, when optional, or during a permanent move-in by assessing all the aspects a resident might need assistance with as they age.

Touring an Assisted Living is essential earlier rather than later.  Just because you tour a facility does not mean you are making an immediate commitment. Visiting a facility gives you a realistic idea of what to expect when the time is right, and it helps you and your loved one approach this decision in a more proactive manner. The feedback we often receive when someone does tour CelesteCare is:

  • This is so much nicer than my parents imagined. We thought it would be a smelly institution-type setting.
  • I didn’t realize they could be so independent.
  • There is so much socialization for them to be a part of daily.
  • You offer transportation.
  • I didn’t realize they could have their own doctor.
  • Personalized services are available for my loved one’s needs.

The best advice for anyone experiencing advanced life changes or responsible for caring for someone is not to be fearful of looking into Assisted Living. You may just find that it brings a greater quality of life in terms of socialization and support needed due to changes in health or mental decline. And often, it brings peace of mind not only to the children or spouse but also the person receiving the care.