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Benefits of Living in an Assisted Living During the Holiday Season

The holiday season, from Thanksgiving through New Year’s, is often a very tough time for seniors, especially when living at home alone. They may find themselves more depressed and with limited access to socialization. Perhaps they can’t get out to visit or enjoy activities and events they once did because of physical changes or an inability to drive any longer. Not being able to enjoy much socialization, they may spend time reminiscing about past holidays because friends and families aren’t able to spend time with them. The once joyful holidays can become a time of longing and melancholy. This scenario is not something anyone wants for their loved ones.

Assisted Livings tend to increase their activities and festivities during the holiday season to create a more interactive atmosphere. This bustle of activity keeps residents busy and helps them avoid the “holiday blues” or depression. These organized events give residents an opportunity to express and participate in fun traditions – like cooking baked goods, enjoying traditional foods, or being part of decorating and hosting to celebrate as they once did in the past. Some communities will even hire entertainers to sing or play for residents. These activities and parties increase stimulation and are all part of the benefit of being with other seniors while obtaining the oversight and care that may be needed.

When families have loved ones still living on their own, they may come to visit them or bring a loved one to their home for the holidays. This extended time can be a time of discovery to reveal whether a parent needs more assistance with daily living than they are capable of on their own.

If your family has been considering an Assisted Living, don’t think you must wait until after the holidays to have a loved one/s move in. Families are often pleasantly surprised at how much fun the holidays can be at an Assisted Living community and that they will be able to enjoy the holidays with their loved one through socialization within the community.

Finding a community that has an active social calendar and focuses on keeping residents engaged is important for any time of the year. Still, it’s good to know that during the holidays, your community will make a sparkling effort to provide a warm, loving, and festive atmosphere to make the season as joyful and interactive as possible.