As of July 12, 2020, we have three Residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 in our Horseshoe Bay Community.

Per the requirement of the CDC, local health department and our community protocols we wanted to be sure we communicated any positive residents or staff within our communities.

Residents and Staff were tested in June to be proactive in ensuring we were aware of any positive cases. At that time, no Resident or Staff had tested positive.

CelesteCare remains committed to continued testing for all Residents and Staff on a routine basis to ensure we are aware of any new cases and will follow any further protocol according to regulatory standards and guidelines.

Residents who test positive for COVID-19 will remain in quarantine and isolation until they have two negative tests prior to introducing back into common space.

Testing is also being completed for all staff and will continue with testing until cases are resolved within the community.

We will continue to prohibit families, friends, volunteers and third parties from visiting and keep any visit to an essential visit only.

To minimize the spread of cases, our dining room will be closed for communal use and meals will be served in residents’ rooms on paper and plastic to avoid the spread of contamination. Activities will be limited to within the Resident’s apartments.

Sanitation remains to be our focus to continue infection control protocols in both sanitizing and continuing to wear all Personal Protective Equipment to assist in preventing the spread of this virus and the safety of our Residents and Staff.

We continue to ask for your assistance in keeping our community safe from respiratory diseases.

Thank you,
CelesteCare Management