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At CelesteCare, we provide exceptional services and support for our Assisted Living residents.


The qualified staff members at CelesteCare work closely with families to assess our potential residents. We carefully review medical records and conduct a thorough personal assessment to determine the optimal level of assistance and care needed. We encourage family member participation to help us gain a complete understanding of their loved ones’ current needs and habits.

Once residents join the CelesteCare family, they are re-evaluated within 30 days of admission to confirm the care-level decision. After that, assessments are repeated every 6 months or whenever a change in health is detected. 

Care Levels

We offer 6 levels of care for Assisted Living and 4 levels of care in our Memory Care.

Level One: These residents are primarily Independent but may require very minimal assistance with the activities of daily living.

Level Two: These residents require medication assistance and minimal support with the activities of daily living.

Level Three: These residents require moderate support with activities of daily Living and medication assistance.

Level Four: These residents require moderate support with activities of daily living, medication assistance and may need assistance with equipment and devices.

Level Five: These residents require near maximum assistance with activities of daily living, medication, assistance with equipment, transferring, moderate assistance with feeding, and toileting assistance.

Level Six: These residents need maximum assistance at all times for all activities of daily living, assistance with equipment, medications, additional medical support, feeding, transferring, and toileting.

Home Health & Hospice Care

If our assisted living residents temporarily need more extensive care, we provide the options for them to contract with a third party to provide Home Health Care or Hospice Care on site. This eliminates the inconvenience of moving and allows seniors to remain in a comfortable, familiar surrounding near their own caregivers and friends. Contact the Executive Director for information about services in the area.

Respite & Adult Day Care (For Non-Residents)

CelesteCare offers Respite Care for seniors who are recovering from illness or injury and temporarily need additional support. An all-inclusive daily rate applies.

Adult Day Care is also offered at CelesteCare. This service is ideal for seniors who are showing signs of dementia and need a safe, loving environment during business hours while regular caregivers are at work. Advance reservations are required, and an all-inclusive, hourly rate applies.