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Letter to families addressing covid positive cases Llano | October 11, 2021

Dear Families/Friends of CelesteCare,

In keeping you informed of incidents related to COVID-19, I wanted to inform you that we have had reported positive cases, in our community.

We have been testing residents and staff twice a week to ensure we are aware of any positive cases so that we have knowledge as early as possible to prevent further spread against staff, residents, or visitors.

As always, if you have any signs, symptoms, or fever of 100.4 or above, we ask that you hold off on visiting until symptoms are cleared. Please ensure if you are visiting, that you are filling out the sign in screening and wearing a mask upon entering the community.

If you have been informed that a loved one has tested positive, then only essential visitors will be allowed to visit until they test negative.

Please ensure that if you are visiting, to wear a mask and remain 6 ft apart from other residents.
We are working very hard to keep it out of our communities but unfortunately, it is becoming increased in positive cases for not only the unvaccinated but also the vaccinated. We are keeping up with the medical professionals to inform us when the booster will be available to our residents and staff. We will keep you informed once we get the word that they are available for those who would like to receive it.

CelesteCare remains committed to utilizing our infection control policies and to the safety of our residents. We appreciate your patients as we work through the staffing that might be affected by this infection.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Yvonne Hensley, Executive Director