Hello Families,

Hope you all are staying safe and healthy. I just wanted to share some guidance on what the State is requiring with phase I opening of visitations into our communities.

We are in the process of getting our plexiglass booths approved, since this is required prior to opening. Once this has been approved by the state, we will still have some limitations to how many can visit, the amount of time to visit and who can visit. Your Executive Director can communicate and schedule the times and specifics.

Below are some specifics that we are REQUIRED to abide by. If we do not comply then the state will remove our status to be opened to phase I. These requirements are for inside visitors or outside visitors.

  • Any Visitor must schedule the time and date to visit by discussing with the Executive Director or designated staff so that we ensure we are able to meet space guidelines.
  • All Visitors that come to community must wear a mask at all times as should the Resident.
  • All Visitors must go through the screening and temperature taking process, upon arrival and prior to visit. You will need to find staff to ensure the process is done prior to your visit.
    If any signs or symptoms…do not chance it, please stay home.
  • All visitors may not have physical contact with Residents (no hugging or touching) and must remain 6 ft socially distant (Again, this is not our staffs rule but the States rule and if we break this, we jeopardize phase 1 status). Our staff are required to monitor it according to state guidelines. That is probably the biggest challenge…no hugging.
  • There are compassion visits that are possible with a Physician order for failure to thrive. With this visit, there is only one person who can be designated to see the resident and must be charted who that person is and must have a physician order prior to visit. You will not be able to change the designated person once it is set. These visitors may visit in residents room with PPE.
  • There are also end of life or actively passing essential visits that do allow more than one designated person with full Personal Protective Equipment and screening protocols according to community and CDC guidelines. This also requires a physician order prior to visit.
  • You may still do window visits or drive by which has a complete barrier between resident and visitor

These rules are everchanging so although we all just want this to be over, we must comply. Please be respectful of the rules so that we can do all we can to remain in phase 1 and not have that status taken from us. We are so eager to have you with your loved ones again, but we want to do it safely. Please be patient with us as you all have all along. We have the best families and are so grateful for your responses during this challenging time. We understand it is quit frustrating and sometimes doesn’t make sense to any of us but we just have to adhere to the guidelines and trust the process.

Keep safe!!!

Rene Zandi
Regional Director of Operations