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Services and care tailored to the unique needs of residents with memory issues.

Our memory care communities are staffed with caring individuals that provide assistance with daily activities, and are well trained to do so with the special needs of memory care residents in mind.

A customized level of care.

As with our other assisted living communities, our memory care communities offer the same assistance with the daily tasks of life, such as providing meals, dispensing medications, and helping our residents get dressed and bathed each day.

In addition, the staff members in our memory care communities are trained in what to expect from residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia, and know the particular types of care they need. They’ll provide all those same assisted living services, but will do it with the special concerns and challenges that the illness may require.


Personalized Activities

Activities are planned with the needs of memory care residents in mind. The activities that a memory care community plans for their residents will be designed to keep them calm, avoid confusion, and wherever possible, help them remember old hobbies and interests that keep them connected to the life and identity they struggle to remember.

In Texas Assisted Living Communities are registered, licensed or certified by Texas Health and Human Services with a process for issuance of initial licenses and for renewing existing licenses.

CelesteCare Communities are fully licensed by Texas Health and Human Services with Alzheimer Certification.

Resident safety is our priority.

We also put more stringent security measures in place. Alzheimer’s residents are prone to wandering. If they’re able to, they’ll walk right out the door and keep walking – endlessly looking for a place in their memory they may or may not ever find.

Our memory care communities are designed to allow for entry and exit by approved staff members and, of course family members interested in visiting. The doors to leave our memory care facilities will often require a code or individuals will need to be let out by a staff member which helps to keep our residents safe.


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