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Team Collaboration – Another Benefit of Assisted Living for Residents

An often-overlooked benefit and an important factor to consider when choosing an Assisted Living community for your family member is team collaboration among the community staff. It’s a good idea to research and learn how the management leads its team members to collaborate within departments to have the best possible communication and interaction, which ultimately benefits your loved one.

Here’s one example: When you are looking for a successful community, you may not even realize it, but from the time you pick up the phone to inquire and the community representative obtains information about all individuals within your family, the team is already collaborating.  The team is discussing the needs of the potential new resident and the skills the prospect can still utilize, their preferences, dislikes, fears about moving, eating habits, sleeping patterns, and much more information. All these details the staff gathers provide insight into each family’s unique needs and allow the team to start working before a prospect moves in.

Another example is supposing the receptionist or administrator shares with the staff that your family member is from Germany. When they share this information with the activity director, they may choose to focus on education about German culture or coordinate activities that are popular in Germany. In addition, they may involve the dietary department to create a favorite German meal with your loved one’s input or provide supplies to create crafts that are popular within the cultural heritage or play music related to holidays or cultural traditions.

This type of forethought engages new residents to make them feel welcome and help them overcome any fears about the decision to move.  And this level of personalized care also includes fellow residents in helping a prospect to feel accepted, relaxed, and adjust to a new environment.

It’s important that your loved one lives their best and most fulfilling life as they advance through the aging process. So, don’t be afraid to ask questions, including how the community team interacts and works together to support resident care. It’s worth finding this out when you are touring a facility and picking up on the spirit of cooperation or lack thereof among the staff. This is the team that will be caring for your loved one. All these details contribute to the overall experience your loved one will receive.